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Boonton Township

Nestled among the fields and rolling hills of the Rockaway Valley in north-central Morris County.


Nestled among the fields and rolling hills of the Rockaway Valley in north-central Morris County, Boonton Township, NJ, is a pastoral community that comprises roughly 8 square miles. Despite development pressure from adjacent municipalities, Boonton Township has managed to preserve much of its rural charm and natural character. This makes Boonton Township, NJ, one of the most attractive communities in Morris County.

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Nature in the area

While Boonton Township, NJ, is built on industry, it’s not without natural beauty. With its landmark gazebo, falls, and fountains, Grace Lord Park is home to the Boonton Township, NJ. The Rockaway River strolls through the park. Plus, Boonton Township, NJ, offers a variety of flora and fauna and walking trails for the nature enthusiast.

​​​​​​​This town is also home to some of the best-kept secrets of Morris County. Rivaled only by the Great Falls of Paterson, the Boonton Falls’ power helped the town become an iron town in the 1800s.

​​​​​​​Currently, it offers hiking trails and an opportunity to see the town as it looked a century ago.

History of Boonton Township—a separate municipality

Boonton Township, NJ, has a vibrant community, which is grounded in its historical past.

​​​​​​​Some immigrants who came to Boonton Township, NJ, to work in its iron industry brought along their rich cultural background.

This town is home to the world-famous Boontonware and a lot of abolitionists live in this town. Hotels, vaudeville theaters, and trolley cars thrived on Main Street at the turn of the century.

​​​​​​​Now the home of an array of antique stores, restaurants, and high-tech companies, the town has grown and diversified both in its ethnic population and industry.

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Points of interest​​​​​​​

Griffith Park

If you love spending time outdoors, you’ll love Boonton Township, NJ — thanks to Griffith Park.

​​​​​​​This is a fantastic park that offers opportunities for fishing and relaxation; and since seating abounds, this park is also ideal for picnics. Griffith Park isn’t just a historical landmark of Morris Canal but is also known for its cleanliness.

Boonton Historical Society and Museum

This museum was founded in 1959 by a group of people who were passionate about preserving and promoting the township’s cultural, architectural, and industrial history.

​​​​​​​The majority of Boonton’s historical material is stored in the landmark known as John Taylor Building. The house combines elements of Colonial Revival and Victorian Gothic styles.

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Dining spots

Il Michelangelo Restaurant

Looking for a casual dining experience and authentic Italian cuisine? Try Il Michelangelo Restaurant. This restaurant is owned by the Cascio family and is one of the best Italian restaurants in Morris County. Their exclusive menu is inspired by their Sicilian heritage. In addition, they have successfully mixed culinary flavors from a range of Italian regions. Their motto is simple: Mangia Bene – Vivi Bene (Eat Well – Live Well).

Giovanni’s Bistro & Bar

Located in Berkeley Heights, this bar offers Bistro, American, and Italian cuisines. The restaurant combines flavors from America’s melting pot and traditional techniques to ensure their customers get an elegant dining experience.

​​​​​​​Giovanni’s Bistro & Bar also prides itself on its martini and tableside wine service. In fact, they’re sourced from some of the best regions. This bar is simply a neighborhood gem you can’t afford to miss.

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Looking for homes for sale in Boonton Township, NJ? Here’s what to expect

Looking to make connections in the Boonton Township, NJ? Join the fire department and the Republican Party.

Located in northwest Morris County, this old industrial town has elected just 2 democratic mayors since it was first established in 1867 and has 5 volunteer fire companies with over 250 members, reflecting a tradition of public service that has produced 3 Medal of Honor winners and 4 members of the House of Representatives. Over 200 Civil War soldiers are buried in the 5 cemeteries of Boonton Township, NJ. It’s also a place where numerous generations of the same families live.

Just off exit 44 of Interstate 287, Boonton Township, NJ, is famous for the eclectic range of businesses in the 2- and 3-story brick buildings that line its 19th century, half-mile-long Main Street. It has two dozen restaurants and food stores, including 6 pizzerias, a couple of art galleries, a bar that still serves 50-cent beers, a stained glass maker, a potter, a tattoo parlor, a bakery, a couple of gift shops, and 15 antique shops.

​​​​​​​ There’s one anchor in this 2.45-square-mile town: Darress Theater — a 1922, partly restored movie theater that offers current and silent films, children’s theater, exhibition boxing, drama, comedy, as well as performances by Boonton Township, NJ’s own Baroque Orchestra.

Recently, Boonton Township, NJ, was accepted into Main Street NJ, a state-run program that teaches municipalities how to renovate their business districts by starting promotional events, and by improving the business mix, parking, lighting, and sidewalks.

​​​​​​​Like the downtown, most of Boonton Township’s houses date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Prices start around some thousand dollars for some 1950s Cape Cods on 50-by-100-foot lots and turn-of-the-century colonials.

The neighborhoods of Boonton Township, NJ — where communities come together

Bigger modern colonies established in the last 2 decades in small developments or spot lots bring thousands of dollars, and traditional Victorians on big lots can go up by a notch.

The town has 3 distinct neighborhoods: the Park, where the streets curve around the Grace Lord Park, which was put together by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux (designers of Central Park in New York City) in the 19th century.It plunges 25 feet at Boonton Falls; the Hill, on Sheep Hill to the northwest; and the Flats, in the southwest part of town and named because the lots are on flat ground.

​​​​​​​There are a couple of townhouse condominium developments: the 46-unit Deer Hill Village, comprising 3-bedroom townhouses; and the 28-unit Spruce Hill on Main Street, where 2- and 3-bedroom townhouses with views of the Rockaway River. The majority of rentals are in two garden apartment complexes: the 33-unit Deer Croft complex and the 75-unit Cherry Hill complex, both off Wootton Street. There’s also a 23-unit, 6-story building named Pilgrim Apartments on Church Street. Apartments are also available in small multifamily houses and duplexes.

​​​​​​​ This township is also a place where people look out for one another. While gossip spreads quickly, it helps keep people in line because the entire town will know about anything they do.

Boonton Township, NJ, is pretty down-to-earth with a bedrock outlook. The industrial history of this town began in 1747, when Obadiah Baldwin, whoseoffspring still resides in Boonton Township, NJ, harnessed the Rockaway River to power an iron forge. With time, it grew into the Boone Town Iron Works, which used to supply cups, kettles, and horseshoes during the Revolutionary War.

Established in the 1830s, the main purpose of the Morris Canal was to movethe coal in Pennsylvania to New York City. Thus, it served as an escape route for runaway slaves, who went into hiding on the boats in the 1850s.

​​​​​​​Dr. Jon Grimes, one of the most prominent local abolitionists, as well as publisher of a newspaper (The New Jersey Freeman) and a doctor, hid the runaways, helping them escape to Canada.

​​​​​​​Recently, the New Jersey Historic Commission recognized Boonton Township as a stop on the Underground Railroad, which is a system of safe houses that runaway slaves used.

​​​​​​​During the 1950s, Boonton Township, NJ, was a severely industrialized municipality in Morris County, producing plastic plates and cups, silk, hat boxes, textiles, electronics, chemicals, ironwork, hosiery, and aircraft. However, factory after factory closed as jobs started moving overseas. Malls were established in neighboring towns, sapping the business from Main Street. ​​

Schools in Boonton Township, NJ — a community of lifelong learners

With thousands of students in kindergarten through 12th grade, the school system has 4 schools and also offers education on a tuition basis to high school students from Lincoln Park — a nearby borough. Similar to Boonton Township’s population, the number of residents has remained constant over the last 5 years.Besides its regular curriculum, the high school also serves as the Academy of Morris County for the Visual and Performing Arts, offering specialized theater and dance courses to hundreds of students from other municipalities.

Recently, the graduating class scored a total of mathematics and verbal on the College Board tests of 993 on average, compared with 1,010 statewide. The school offers 11 advanced placement courses in physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, French, English, and history. Not long ago, 51% of a graduating class went on to 4-year colleges, and 36% enrolled in 2-year colleges. Richart Kaplan, the superintendent of schools, said a lot of students are immigrants.

​​​​​Boonton is also the place of the New Jersey Firemen’s Home, which has offered care to salaried and volunteer firefighters for over a century on a former 88-acre estate on Lathrop Avenue. Currently, it’s home to several infirm or elderly firefighters. The museum, which is open daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, has a collection of fire trucks, uniforms, helmets, ornate hose carts, and steamers. Plus, admission is free. Give us a call now for more information on homes for sale in Boonton Township!

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